Studio Hire

Suntalents has 2 studios that are available for renting in Delhi.

Please contact us for booking.

You can hire our studios on an hourly basis when there are no classes on. The studios at Delhi have the following specifications:


Studio 1 at South Ex

450 square feet in size, sports flooring, attached toilet, Aqua-guard filtered drinking water, air conditioned (2 x 2.0 tonne A/Cs).
Price per hour: Rs 1200


Studio 2 at Janakpuri

250 square feet in size, red poly-vinyl flooring, attached toilet, Aqua-guard drinking water, air conditioned (1.5 tonne A/C) .
Price per hour: Rs 1000

The Studios can be Rented for


1. Dance practices.
2. Music practices.
3. Conducting interviews/auditions - Some TV Channels have used our studios in the last few months.
4. Practicing plays or skits.
5. Conducting corporate games or activities.