Jobs & Opportunities

Studio Manager

We are looking for studio manager who is responsible for day-to-day studio operations and the overall needs of  front desk staff, facilities, maintenance and cleanliness of studio. Driving studio sales, providing excellent customer service, and exhibiting and modeling studio leadership are all required for success in this position.


Zumba Trainer

A Zumba instructor leads workout classes at a gym or fitness center. During the class, this individual will ensure all the students know which exercises they should be doing and how each one should be performed. The instructor will also help students develop the proper technique as well as perform each move in a safe manner. A Zumba instructor might also be responsible for enrolling new students, monitoring their individual progress, and greeting them whenever they arrive at the workout center.Those who are interested in becoming a Zumba instructor can contact us.


Yoga Trainer

This is an opportunity for yoga teachers who have enough qualifications, accrued from any certified teacher training institute to put up their resume with us. This yoga teacher training institute located in Delhi has several networks with most of the famous yoga teacher training institutes, bringing careers towards you from the enquiries made by different institutes all over the world . Qualified yoga trainers can send your resume to get started with their yoga career.


Dance Instructor

We are always looking for expert, experienced and qualified dance teachers for our Delhi centre and our external activities. We offer lucrative career opportunities if you’re good at teaching. At present Suntalents prides itself with exceptionally talented dance instructors and we’re looking for more to join the team. We need instructors and choreographers to train Salsa, Jazz contemporary, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Aerobics, Zumba, Cha Cha Cha, Tango, Belly dancing, Yoga, Classical dance forms and Ballet. These positions are available in various locations around Delhi and NCR. Please email your resume to or call us.


We at Suntalents have expert dance teams that perform at various venues – some paid and some for our own marketing. We regularly get calls and enquiries where public and private companies, TV shows, stage shows, schools and colleges etc. ask us to perform dance routines. For such events, we have expert dancers that get together, practice dance routines and then perform from time to time. To apply for this position, you need to be a very good dancer in any dance form. Please note: This is not a full time opportunity. You will need to come in once for an assessment where our choreographers will determine if you’re good enough.


If we think you are, you will be called ever so often to prepare and perform at various events around Delhi and NCR. You can choose to perform only for paid events or for both paid and publicity events (for people who need exposure or practice in performing in public). Please email us at expressing interest and you’ll be given a time to come and perform.